Roasted grains, often known as chana, are a superfood with several health advantages. They belong to the legume family and go by the names chickpeas or garbanzo beans as well. Even more nourishing than in their raw state, roasted grains.

Grain that has been roasted is a good source of folate, dietary fiber, healthy fats, proteins, and minerals. They can serve as an alternative because their protein content is comparable to meat. They are a great snack for weight watchers because they are low in fat, but it is recommended to speak with a nutritionist in Lahore.

As we examine the several astounding health advantages of roasted chana, keep reading:

Benefits of roasting grains for health

Roasted grains are a well-rounded item for your diet because they are packed with beneficial nutrients that have a number of health benefits. The following are significant health advantages of roasted lentils:

1. Rich in vegan protein

Those who don’t eat meat will enjoy roasted grains. These legumes are a good source of the protein they could be lacking from a diet low in meat.

Since it supports the majority of bodily functions, including the health of your muscles, bones, and metabolism, protein is essential for a healthy body. Your body receives energy from roasted gram proteins, which can also help you feel fuller longer.

2. Could aid in weight loss

Fiber and protein found in roasted grains help with weight management and may even promote weight loss. It is a nutritious snack with a relatively low caloric content. Roasted grains can be a great snack that helps you lose weight because it tends to keep you satisfied for a long time.

Eating roasted grains in between meals will satisfy your hunger even if you are attempting to lose weight. Watch your portion when eating roasted grams even though moderation is important when trying to lose weight.

3. Could control blood sugar levels

It reduces blood glucose levels and is crucial for warding off diabetes because it is a strong source of protein and fiber. One of the foods with a low glycemic index (GI) that reduces excessive blood sugar spikes after ingestion is this one.

Additionally, the magnesium in roasted grains aids in the maintenance of blood sugar levels and other minerals found in roasted grains are helpful in regulating blood pressure. For confirmation regarding how many roasted grams you should include in your daily food intake, speak with the Best Nutritionist in Islamabad.

4. Can promote digestion

Your body’s range of vitamins and minerals supports intestinal health. Additionally, it has a moderate quantity of soluble fiber, which can increase the number of beneficial intestinal bacteria in your body and enhance gut health.

In addition, it lowers the chance of experiencing digestive problems including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Additionally, the minerals in roasted grains aid in controlling bowel motions.

5. Might ward off specific illnesses

Grain that has been roasted helps protect against conditions like cancer and heart disease. Magnesium and potassium are vitamins that lower high blood pressure and protect your arteries.

Reduced levels of bad cholesterol and a lower risk of heart disease are two additional advantages of the soluble fiber found in roasted grains.

The risk of colon cancer is reduced by the fatty acid butyrate by reducing swelling in colon cells. The low GI of roasted grams reduces the incidence of type 2 diabetes, and the vitamin B they contain can help prevent lung and breast cancer.

6. Could improve bone health

Your bones need calcium to stay healthy. Fortunately, roasted grains include a lot of calcium, which can strengthen your bones and help boost bone mineral density. It also contains enough magnesium and phosphorus to improve the condition of your bones.

7. Might be helpful while pregnant

A crucial mineral called iron performs a variety of key functions in your body. Anemia in women is one of the significant health issues that can arise from iron shortage. Iron supports the fetus’ growth and development and helps provide oxygen to the developing child.

Premature birth risk can increase in pregnancy when there is a lack of iron. Your immune system, which helps protect you from illness during pregnancy, will benefit greatly from the iron in roasted grains. Additionally, it can aid with weight maintenance throughout pregnancy.

8. Might be good for skin

Anti-inflammatory compounds found in roasted grains may be useful for reducing edema in acne sufferers. Additionally, roasted grains include antioxidants and vitamin C, both of which are good for the skin and can help you avoid scarring and damaged skin cells.

9. Could help with male sexual health

Roasted grams can increase sperm motility and treat impotence when combined with jaggery. Additionally, it increases immunity, lowers illness risk, and can help men with urinary tract infections (UTIs) feel better. Men trying to put on muscle can consume them in place of meat because they are likewise high in protein.

10. Simple to include in your diet

Grams are a common ingredient in Pakistani families, so roasting them and storing them in an airtight container is simple. Additionally, they are reasonably priced, so you can eat well without breaking the bank.


You may easily consume them on the go because they are easily accessible at little vendors in Pakistani markets. Roasted grains are a fantastic addition to many recipes, such as salads, dips, and sauces, because to their adaptability.

Roasted grams – Nutritional information


The nutritional value of half a cup (50g) of roasted grams is given in the table below:

Type Amount
Calories 211
Total fat 7g
Carbohydrates 28g
Dietary fiber 8g
Sugars 5g
Protein 9g
Sodium 32mg
Vitamin A 1% of the daily requirement
Vitamin C 3% of the daily requirement
Calcium 5% of the daily requirement
Iron 17% of the daily requirement

Consuming roasted grams as a snack or in recipes is a great way to add more nutrition to your diet without significantly increasing calorie intake.

Recipe for roasted grams at home

  • Ingredients
    One cup of chana, boiled
  • 14 teaspoon salt
  • Add pepper to taste (1/4 teaspoon)
  • 1 Tablespoon of olive oil


Dry the boiled chana or chickpeas —Set the temperature in the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Put the chana in a basin after they have dried completely. Spread the chana out on a baking sheet lined with butter paper, then add the oil and spices. To achieve the appropriate crispiness, bake them for a while.

If you don’t want to bake them, you may also air fry them. If you’re not watching your weight, swap out the olive oil for ghee and throw in some cheese. Adding such substances can also be used to aid with weight growth. You can season them to taste with whatever combination of herbs and spices you like.

The roasted grams might benefit with the addition of some lemon juice. As long as you keep them in an airtight container, they will stay fresh for up to three days. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, try serving them with jaggery. You may also use canned chickpeas, but you’ll need to drain and dry them thoroughly before roasting.

Roasted gram uses

They make a great snack due to their nutty flavor and crispy texture. They go great in salads and with tahini or other kinds of dips.

Risks associated with eating roasted grams

While roasted grams are the ideal healthy snack, they may also have some potential downsides. High fiber content: good for the digestive system in moderation; excessive consumption leads to gas and bloating.

Eating too many of them can cause weight gain in the same way that eating too many of anything might, so it’s probably best to limit yourself to smaller servings if you’re watching your weight. What you put in the roasted gram seeds is just as important. The nutritional value of roasted grams may be diminished if they are served with cheese or sugar.

Methods for Roasting Chana at Home.

Even while roasted chana is readily available in stores, there are a few ways to make it at home.

Throw the husk and all into a pan with the chana.

If more seasoning is desired, add it after the food has gotten crispy or brown.

You may use roasted chana as a standalone ingredient in recipes like salads, rice bowls, and wraps. As a tasty and nutritious snack, roasted chana is accessible to anyone.

You should start roasting chana right now. Count on being satisfied

Nutritional Value Of Roasted Grams

Roasted grammes are a convenient and very healthy snack option for individuals who want to treat themselves on a regular basis without sacrificing their health. Roasted grammes are an excellent source of potassium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins B-1 and B-2, and their fat level is much lower than that of other nuts like macadamia, almonds, and peanuts. Dietary fibre is present in roasted grammes, and it aids in digestion, prevents constipation, and lessens the likelihood of developing disorders like Type II diabetes. Because of their low glycemic index, they make for the ideal snack when you need a quick burst of energy without the resulting lethargic slump. The health benefits of eating roasted grains have been confirmed by a large body of research.


In Pakistan, a popular snack is roasted grammes, also known as bhuna chana. Roasted grammes can be purchased cheaply from street vendors across Pakistan, or they can be roasted at home in the oven or air fryer. You may pack them up and take them with you wherever you go. Due to their low price and high nutrient content, they are a popular snack in Pakistan and India.

Many health advantages can be attributed to the nutrients found in roasted grammes. They’re a tasty treat that’s safe for people with diabetes to eat, plus they’re good for your digestive system, bones, and immune system. In addition to helping keep blood sugar levels stable during pregnancy, they may also improve cardiovascular health.

Consumption of roasted grammes has been shown to be beneficial for pregnant women. It’s a good source of plant-based protein and a wealth of essential nutrients like calcium, iron, and magnesium.

However, there are also potential dangers associated with eating roasted gramme flour. Consume in moderation, as too much of anything can be harmful. Talk to your doctor before consuming them on a regular basis if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to control your weight.

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