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Top 33 Schwarzkopf hair colour Ideas

Do you feel uninspired by your hair? Do you find yourself getting ideas from the latest hair colour trends? So, why are you stalling? Here’s one firm that claims to attract your interest and trust with its high-quality hair colour products – Schwarzkopf. “All colours are mild on the hair, but the colorists at Alicia’s Salon aren’t playing around.

This line provides a range of age-defying hair colours that look completely natural. A team of professionals collaborated to develop a range of colours that works with any complexion. If choosing a product from hundreds of colours is too overwhelming, worry not. I have selected the top 15 Schwarzkopf colours currently available. Learn more by reading on!

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color – Intense Caring Color

This anti-age hair colour with keratin care complex and skin complimenting pigments provides you younger looking hair in 30 minutes. It has a conditioning pre-color serum to protect your hair from the dye. This colour cream provides full coverage of grey for an extended period of time. It is created with K-Bond-Plex that restores your inner hair structure and coats the hair surface after the colouring process for strong and healthy-looking hair.


  • Extensive choices of shades available for every skin tone
  • Conditions your hair while coloring it
  • Comes with a developer, pre-treatment serum, and keratin complex conditioner
  • Reduces breakage up to 80%
  • Imparts shine to your hair


  • Expensive
  • Availability issues

Best Schwarzkopf Hair Color Products

Chestnut Brown – 5.7

This stunning chestnut brown tint is the perfect way to spice up your jet-black locks. The use of this colour enhances your complexion, hair, and other attributes.

2. Bordeaux Red – 4.7

Want a vibrant and eye-catching hue? Then, have a look at this! This flaming hue can make even the most ordinary hairstyle look daring and alluring. This colour is also great for expressing your playful side. This rich red shade works well on dark brown or black hair.

 Caramel Blonde – 7.5

Do you want to seem fresh and young? Then, give your hair a new lease on life by colouring it this brilliant shade that will make you look radiant and ravishing. You should expect your natural hair colour to have more depth and dimension after using this hue.

Light Pearl Blonde – 12.0

This lovely shade can transform you into a red carpet diva while still making you look like a dashing dashing handsome! Adding a little gold and shine to your hair will make it appear absolutely stunning. If your hair is anywhere between blonde and light brown, this is the hue for you.

Warm Mahogany – 5.6

This deep plum colour will give your hair a new, edgy style while still making you stand out from the crowd. Your hair will have more depth and character after using this vivid colour. Mahogany complements hair colours between medium and dark brown.

 Light Copper Red

Intense shade that can immediately lighten your hair colour to look like a knockout. This vibrant shade will give your hair a radiant sheen, giving you the appearance of vitality and youth. The ideal hair colour for this shade is a medium to light brown.

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