The Best 150 Peacock Mehndi Design For Festivals And Weddings

Every future bride is excited for her mehndi ceremony. It’s a joyful celebration that comes before the wedding and brings good luck. Each bride can choose her own unique mehndi design to be shown on her hands and feet during the wedding, and the other women in attendance can also have their palms decorated with beautiful patterns by the mehndi artists.

Although most wedding mehndi patterns centre on paisleys, swirls, or flowers, the peacock is an integral part of the process. Peacocks join the lotus and jaali patterns that are staples of Arabic mehndi designs. Elegance and optimism are personified in the bird.

There are various gods and goddesses shown on the peacock, including Saraswati, Lakshmi, Indra on his throne, Kartika as his mount, Lord Krishna, and others. Peacock is our national bird because of its symbolic meaning in mythology and its stunning appearance. Symbolic of the peacock’s grace and splendour, peacock mehndi patterns are a must-have for every wedding.

For this reason, we have compiled a gallery of stunning peacock mehndi patterns that no bride-to-be should be without on her wedding day. Save your preferred designs and bring them to your mehndi artist so they may create a masterpiece for your special day.

Full Hand Peacock Mehndi Design


This complete hand peacock mehndi design also features two varieties of peacocks, one with its tail fanned out and one that does not, plus some cute tuskers. This Dulhan mehndi design features elephants with dramatic strokes of henna, which is sure to enhance the beauty of the bride’s hands.

Full Hand Arabic Mehndi Design with Peacock

Full hand mehendi patterns from yesteryear are quite stunning. The focal point of this elaborate mehndi pattern over the entire hand are two peacocks. Having a single, timid peacock rest its head on your palm, what could be better? Two timid peacocks! The elegance that peacocks add to a bridal mehndi design is very remarkable.

Full Hand Mehndi Design with Peacock & Elephant

The allure of henna cones drawn in fine lines across your palms and fingers is undeniable, but so is the allure of thick, black lines. This complete hand mehndi design is a blast for modern women who want to stick to tradition, thanks to the inclusion of elements like the elephant, dome, and jaali pattern. The scalloped pattern is also a great place to add your names as a couple or your wedding hashtag.

Mehndi Design of Peacock in Centre


The peacock is the most eye-catching part of the henna pattern anyway. Empty areas on the palm of this bridal peacock mehndi design showcase the gorgeous peacock, which has a dome-shaped tail. This darkly accented Arabic mehndi pattern is ideal for women who want something understated yet still “weddingy.”

Arabic Peacock Mehndi Design 


Arabic mehndi designs are all the rage these days, and this particular pattern features a lotus flower at the bride’s fingertips and a peacock at her wedding’s beginning.

Peacock Mehndi Design for Palms

Love peacocks but don’t want anything to detract from their beauty? This modern peacock mehndi design, inspired by the paisley mehndi pattern, is the perfect choice. This mehndi design is perfect for the busy bridesmaid who has a lot to do before her best friend’s wedding. The bridesmaids can get to work right away because this pattern is simple and dries quickly.

Peacock in Mehndi Design with Jhumka

Simple yet stunning, this peacock mehndi pattern is perfect for brides and their attendants. The flowery chains and jhumka design in this mehndi are truly one-of-a-kind. This simple mehndi design for the palms is perfect for the laid-back bride community.

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