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55 Best Ombre Hair Color ideas

Since the beginning of the century, ombré hairstyles have been popular. In contrast to most Hair Colour Trends, which last for no more than a few years, this one has stayed put. Why? It’s a style that can go from soft and subtle to bright and vivacious.

In addition, ombré requires little care to keep looking great for weeks at a time. If you do it yourself, it can be quite cheap as well. Learn all about this hair dye in the following pages.

What Is Ombré Hair?

Often having darker roots and lighter ends, ombré hair is another name for a gradient hair colour. The word “ombré” comes from the French word for “shadow,” suggesting a subtle gradation of tones.

Creating Ombré Hairstyles

DIY ombré hair is achievable, but requires patience and practice. The tips of people’s hair are typically dyed a lighter colour of brown, red, auburn, or yellow.

Keep in mind that you want this shade to go well with your own hair. One or two tones lighter than your actual hair colour is ideal. It will save time and effort in the long run if you stay close to your natural colour.

The next step is to determine the section of hair to treat first. The crown of your head is a fantastic place to begin. Here, there is no danger of your roots showing.

An appropriate application tool is required. An applicator brush, or a similarly soft and compact brush, is included in most bleach or dye kits.

Complete your getup by brushing your hair, covering your upper body with a t-shirt or similar item, and donning gloves.

Shift in Coloration, Dramatic

Grey hair, or if you just want to try out the ombré trend, can be disguised by doing the following:

Make four portions in your hair.

Make sure the colour reaches your roots completely, but stop an inch or so before your hair lightens.

Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the dye evenly throughout your hair.

Fill in the blanks again.

Follow the instructions on your dye’s packaging to determine how long to let the dye dry. For each resistant grey hair, add 10 minutes.

Soap up and blow dry your mane.

DIY Ombré Hairstyles

Then we can get started. To lighten your hair’s cuticle, do as follows:

Disperse the Bleach

Bleach should be mixed in a well-ventilated room. A developer can be purchased in lots of 10 or 20. You can also make your own bleach by mixing 2 ounces (ca. 76 g) of powdered bleach with 2 ounces (ca. 76 g) of 20 volume peroxide.

Make a Part in Your Hair

Those with thin hair can divide it in half, while those with thick hair should divide it into several portions. Don’t use metal clips while bleaching your hair, but feel free to pin, tie, or clip the portions together.


If you don’t tease the hair here, you may notice a line where the ombré ends and your natural colour begins.

Use bleach on every hair strand.

You should start bleaching at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the designated line. If you want the bleach to blend in as well as possible, apply it evenly.

Let the Bleach Dry Before Touching

A small colour shift should only take 10–20 minutes to establish, but more dramatic shifts will need 40–45 minutes. To see how far along you are, simply rinse some bleach out of a small part of your hair. The likelihood of discovering orange or brassy tones decreases the longer the bleach sets.

Rinse the Bleach

Carefully wash your hair using sulfate-free shampoo, warm water, and gloves. Any remaining bleach will continue to lighten your hair even after you rinse it off.


You can start highlighting your hair as soon as it’s dry:

Use the same sectioning technique you employed when bleaching your hair.

Don some fresh mitts. If you don’t have any in your dying kit, you can use rubber, vinyl, or latex instead.

The dye must be mixed in accordance with the directions.

The dye should be used as directed. Start above the bleached areas and work your way down. Soak your hair well all over.

Follow the dye’s directions for setting time. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo and a concentrated conditioner to clean your hair.

Check to see if there are any spots you need to touch up after your hair is dry.

Ombre Hair Color Ideas

1. Half Up Half Down

If you’re looking for gorgeous ombre hair, you’ll adore this creamy amazing style. It blends beautifully into the already dark brown hair. A romantic hairstyle involves a centre part with the crown hair pushed to the back. Your caramel blonde hair looks great waved loosely.

2. High Ponytail

The usage of hair extensions is also acceptable when creating this magnificent ponytail. To achieve the smooth, unblemished look you want, use a comb with fine bristles or even a toothbrush. After securing the hair into a ponytail, use a variety of braids to draw attention to the colour change.

 3.Straight Ombre Hair


You may rock your naturally black, straight hair with pride when you opt for a sun-kissed ombre gradient.

4. Braided Buns

Any haircut you choose will look great with a light ombre added to dark hair. These braided buns, for instance, would really stand out with some blonde highlights.

5. Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Do you really believe that you can’t rock an ombre with your red hair? If you try going very light, you’ll end up with a stunning strawberry blonde shade. Your natural red hue will still be visible through the blonde, but you’ll look much more radiant!

6. Elegant Golden Updo

Wearing your hair in this beautiful updo to a wedding or other formal event is a surefire way to turn heads. The contrast of the blonde ends on your dark hair is subtle but striking

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