The Best 100 Kids Mehndi Design For Festivals And Weddings

Mehndi Designs are temporary tattoos made of elaborate designs created in henna, a plant-based pigment. Flower, leaf, and vine motifs are all fair game. Although you can wear these skin designs whenever you wish, they are most commonly seen during special events.

Although it has its roots in ancient Egypt, this form of art is today practised all the way from East Africa to India and beyond. Children, too, can look adorable with some Mehndi on their hands and feet. Therefore, we have some fun and age-appropriate mehndi patterns that your children are sure to enjoy.

Stay on this article if you want to find your new favorite Mehndi design for children.

Children’s Mehndi Design

The act of getting Mehndi applied can be a thrilling adventure for kids. A tattoo can be a fun experience for them, as they get to pick a design from a book or website and then observe while the artist meticulously applies it to their skin.

Children may like the idea of a temporary design because it’s different from what they’re used to seeing on their skin.

Simple Butterfly Mehendi Design For Kids

The butterfly henna tattoo is the most popular choice among children since they adore butterflies. Get your child’s favourite butterfly pattern inspired by mehandi designs for kids like this one.

Geometric Mehendi Design For Kids

Sometimes it can be difficult to convince your small daughter to sit still for a mehendi application. This is an excellent resource to bookmark if you’re on the hunt for quick and simple mehandi designs that children will agree upon and enjoy having applied.

Butterfly and Flowers Mehendi Design For Kids


This type of kid-friendly mehndi pattern is quick and simple to create. You should keep this mehendi pattern in mind for your daughter if she has trouble sitting still and is always eager to play.


Cute heart shapes are a hit with kids. Create an appealing design by drawing a heart shape and filling it with basic strokes. You can choose to construct several smaller hearts or one large heart.



Make a charming Mehndi pattern for your kid by drawing a crescent moon and stars with just a few strokes, perfect for a party or a traditional event. You can use this pattern on your hands or feet.



Create a cheerful and lovely artwork by sketching several sunflowers complete with foliage and stems. The hand and foot versions of the creeping flower pattern are equally lovely.

Vine Mehandi Design For Kids


This is an original mehndi design for kids that you should keep in mind if you’re looking for basic mehndi designs. One of our top picks, this lovely pattern features leaves, vines, and a combination of the two that form little rings for the young hands.


The Islamic art is really beautiful and detailed. Your child’s hands can look more sophisticated with a basic Arabic design. Ideal for regular use and special events like children’s birthday celebrations.

Heavy Mehendi Design For Kids


This is a great mehandi design for kids to preserve if your daughter enjoys having mehndi and can sit still for a while while she has her henna tattoo. You can adjust the look or incorporate her fave character if she so chooses.

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