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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Colour Shampoo

At-home hair coloring appears straightforward and secure. Using a hair color shampoo is the best option if you need to quickly change your hair color and are short on time. It’s all-natural, and in just 10 minutes, you can have gorgeous hair. Choosing a color is the only time-consuming part of the process; then, your hair will be colored in record time. Hair color shampoos eliminate the need for messy applications. Hair color shampoos have made dying your hair as simple as possible.

The function of hair-coloring shampoos.

The colorant in hair dye shampoo is only there for a short time. For two to three weeks, your hair will look and feel rich and vibrant thanks to this treatment. Modern hair dye shampoos use only the purest natural components and are free of a wide range of potentially harmful chemicals. They are effective in covering a large area of gray hair and do not transfer to other surfaces. They are harmless to use and work for both men and women’s hair.

Hair dye shampoos: how to use them?

Hair color shampoos are incredibly practical since they make it possible to apply dye to your hair without much effort. They’re applied like shampoos but don’t need to be mixed beforehand. The first two applications should be done weekly, and subsequent applications should be done only when gray roots are visible. The use of a hair color shampoo involves the following procedures:

Do a good shake before use.

Wear disposable gloves when handling the hair dye shampoo.

After washing and drying your hair, apply the necessary amount.

Leave it in for 15 to 20 minutes to ensure the shampoo has penetrated your hair completely. For really resistant gray hair, you can extend the treatment time to 35 minutes.

Do a thorough water rinse.

Contains Only Natural Ingredients

Botanical-based hair color shampoos maintain your hair healthy and strong. It is a 100 percent organic product that also includes wild ginseng, noni fruit, and argan oil, which is high in vitamin E. This formula strengthens and softens your hair while restoring its natural color. In hair color shampoo, the vitamin E-rich argan oil aids in retaining all hydration. Olive oil strengthens and nourishes your hair. The noni fruit increases blood flow and reduces hair loss. Last but not least, wild ginseng supports hair follicles and roots.

Best Shampoos for Colored Hair

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo: Color Protection & Frizz-Free Control

Tresemme’s Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo is equipped with anti-fade technology and can preserve your hair color for up to 60 days after each use. This sulfate-free shampoo will leave your hair clean and shiny without stripping it of its natural oils.

L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Moisture Shampoo

This low-cost sulfate-free L’Oréal Paris formula is a favorite of the GH Beauty Lab because of its ability to protect color and smooth strands without breaking the bank. The majority of women who used the shampoo and conditioner in a consumer research reported that it kept their hair color “pure” after using it for four weeks, according to a review of lab data. Some online reviewers with damaged hair noted that the product was too drying.

Nexxus Color Assure Radiant Color Care Shampoo


Professional colorists recommend Nexxus’s protein-infused shampoo and conditioner because it effectively removes product buildup without diminishing the original color. According to Patrick Kyle, a colorist in New York City, “it prevents fading on any color-treated hair and maintains hair health.” However, as one Amazon customer pointed out, you need quite a bit of shampoo to achieve a satisfactory lather.

Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo


This Pureology shampoo and conditioner set is formulated with proteins and botanical oils to strengthen and nourish dry, damaged strands; the brand was developed exclusively for color care. April Franzino, GH’s beauty director, was astonished by the results: “I couldn’t believe how soft and lush my hair felt after using these, even right after it was bleached.” The shampoo has a higher price tag, but we believe the generous amount of product makes up for it.

Davines NOUNOU Shampoo


Dye jobs can cause dry, brittle ends. According to famous hairstylist Clarissa Rubenstein, Davine’s NouNou shampoo seeks to deeply repair dry hair while providing a “rich, creamy lather.” Hair that has been treated with color (particularly bleach) is more likely to oxidize than natural hair. Because of this, Rubenstein suggests keeping your hair well-nourished, hydrated, and moisturized to reduce the rate at which your color fades. She says that Davines is the best brand since it leaves hair feeling “cared for, clean, and not stripped of any natural oil.”

Fekkai Technician Color Shampoo



Franzino loves this color-safe shampoo because it helps her highlights last as long as possible and leaves her hair feeling clean without being stripped of moisture. She continues, “Plus, the scent is amazing and makes showering feel luxurious!” because of the peachy scent with tropical undertones. The manufacturer says that their shampoo and conditioner set effectively cleans colored hair without stripping it. However, several customers reported that they had to use the shampoo twice to achieve the desired level of lather.

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