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Top 15 Hair Colour for Women: A Comprehensive Guide

Finding a hair color that works with your complexion and highlights your greatest features is not easy. How do you decide which of the many options for women’s hair colors in India is best for you? Use this detailed manual to zero in on the optimal hair color for your skin tone and hair texture. If you want to know how to choose the best hair dye for yourself, you should read on.

Finding the Perfect Hair Color for Your Skin Tone: A Guide.

To appear your best, decide a hair color that works well with your skin tone. Some advice on how to choose colors that complement different complexions:

Hair Colors That Look Best on Fair Skin

Platinum, ash, and beige blonde are some of the most flattering blonde hair colors for fair complexion. Keep away from tones of orange and red. Fair-skinned people can also wear copper and auburn brown tones. When you have dark hair, you should use a natural black dye.

  • Those who are very pale blonde
  • Blunt and icy
  • That ashy blonde
  • a blondish beige
  • Dull brown
  • color of copper
  • Auburn
  • A pure, dark black

Colors That Look Great on Medium Skin

Warmer hair colors are flattering on people with medium or olive complexion tones. Honey, golden, and caramel blonde hair are all very luminous. Choose darker browns such as chestnut, chocolate, or burgundy. Don’t use really pale tones.

  • This honey blond
  • Blonde gold
  • Salted caramel hair
  • Dark nutmeg hues
  • Brown as chocolate
  • To be precise, a burgundy-brown

Hair Colors That Look Great on Dark Skin

Women with dark or olive skin look stunning when they wear colors that pop against their skin tone. Use honey, caramel, or chestnut as warm colors. Keep away from extremes of light and dark. The color plum makes the depth of black hair even more apparent.

This honey blond

Salted caramel hair

Dark nutmeg hues

Dark purple

Deep crimson

Hair Colors That Look Great on Wheatish and Olive Skin

People with olive or wheat skin tones can wear either warm or cool colors successfully. Hair colors from blonde to black are equally attractive. Tones that are too flat or drab should be avoided.

  • Blonde gold
  • a blondish beige
  • Shades of ashy brown
  • The color of maple syrup
  • Red as a cherry
  • Black and blue

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Hair Color?

The shade of dye you choose should take into account not just your skin tone, but also your natural hair color and texture.

Top Black Hair Dye Colors

Black-haired women have the widest range of color selections to choose from. Colors like blonde, brown, red, and plum show up well on black hair. Don’t wear ashy or dusty tones.

  • Salted caramel hair
  • a blondish beige
  • Coloration: brown-gold
  • Burgundy
  • Color of maple syrup
  • Plum

Recommended Dye Jobs for Black and Brown Hair

If your hair is already dark brown, decide a color that will bring out its underlying tones. Gorgeous hair colors include caramel and honey highlights or an icy blonde and brown color scheme.

  • Ashen blonde
  • a blondish beige
  • Shades of ashy brown
  • Accents of caramel
  • Honey emphasizes

Color Schemes That Work Well With Medium Brown Hair

Warming blonde tones like golden, honey, and beige are great options for women with medium brown hair. Select browns that share the same crimson undertones. Try to stay away from extremely pale shades.

  • Blonde gold
  • This honey blond
  • a blondish beige
  • Dark nutmeg hues
  • The color of maple syrup

Recommended Dye Tone for Medium Brown Hair

Blonde is a beautiful and simple hair color choice if your original hair color is a light brown. Choose dirty blonde, ash blonde, or platinum blonde. Pretty, too, are warm brown accents. Don’t wear anything too black.

  • Infinitely white
  • That ashy blonde
  • sleazy blond
  • a blondish beige
  • Accents of caramel

Hair Colour for Women

L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss Hair Colour


  • Features: Ammonia-free, conditioning formula with Honey and Aloe extracts
  • Shades: Available in over 40 lustrous shades
  • Skin tones: Suits fair to medium skin tones
  • Price: ₹599-₹850
  • Offers: Buy 1 Get 1 free on Amazon
  • Rating: 4.2/5

Streax Professional Vibrant Hair Colour

  • Features: Vibrant, long-lasting colours, ammonia & peroxide-free
  • Shades: 10+ shades to choose from
  • Skin tones: Suits all skin tones
  • Price: ₹299-₹399
  • Offers: Get Streax Hair Serum on 2 packs
  • Rating: 4.3/5

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour

  • Features: Herbal formula powered by Active Plant MilkTM proteins
  • Shades: 7 shades – 3 naturals & 4 fashion
  • Skin tones: Ideal for fair to dusky skin tones
  • Price: ₹140-₹175
  • Offers: Buy 2 Get 1 free on their site
  • Rating: 4/5

Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color Permanent Hair Color


  • Features: Ammonia-free, enriched with Keratin Color Gel Technology
  • Shades: Available in over 20 gorgeous shades
  • Skin tones: Suits all skin tones
  • Price: ₹249-₹599
  • Offers: Get Revlon hair spray on purchase of 2 packs
  • Rating: 4.1/5


Indica Easy Shine Crème Hair Colour

  • Features: Herbal no-ammonia formula
  • Shades: 10 vibrant shades
  • Skin tones: Best for fair to medium complexions
  • Price: ₹99-₹140
  • Rating: 3.8/5

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