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The Best Hair Colour for Men: What You Need to Know

Everyone can benefit from colouring their hair. Men who wish to stand out are increasingly colouring their hair. You’ve found the ideal place if you’ve been looking for ideas for a new hair colour for men, since we’re about to give you a ton of them. Here are some tips for men who want to experiment with lighter shades of hair colour, from blonde to green. You can try a new look with one of the many trendy hair colours we offer.

There are a number of things to think about when selecting a hair colour before you make the commitment to dye your hair. Is it complimentary to your skin tone first? Second, will you actually use it? Last but not least, are you okay with it? Ultimately, you want to be able to wear the colour you choose with pride, so it’s important to find one that you’re happy with.

Keep reading to learn about some trendy hues for men’s hair colour. There’s a stylish hair colour for everyone, whether you’re looking for a modest shift or a dramatic makeover.

Types of Hair Colour for Men

Businesses cater to customers with a wide variety of hair colour options. There is a hair dye out there for men who wish to try something new with their hair colour, mix things up a bit, or simply hide the greys. Each hue has its place, depending on the hair’s purpose and texture. Let’s delve into the different categories of men’s hair colour to find the right one for you.

Hair dye that doesn’t last forever

You can try out different hair colours for a few weeks without committing to them permanently with semi-permanent hair dyes. A semi-permanent hair dye just coatings the hair from the outside, rather than staining the hair strands themselves. Every time you wash your hair, you’ll be rinsing out your precious dye.

The nicest aspect about semi-permanent hair colour is that it gradually fades, so you never have to worry about touching up your roots. If you want to experiment with new hair hues, this men’s hair dye is the way to go. Semi-permanent hair dyes can provide excellent coverage for up to eight weeks.

Olive oil, almond oil, and avocado oil are used to enrich the Garnier Colour Naturals line. Your hair will be left looking healthy, lustrous, and smooth after using this ammonia-free hair dye. The advanced color-lock technology used in this dye allows for deep, long-lasting colour that lasts for up to eight weeks. With this innovation, you can expect very little colour loss with each wash. This kind of hair dye comes in a wide variety of brown, red, and black tones. You can try on many tones to find the one that complements your skin tone best.

Term-free hair dye

Permanent hair colours are your best bet for covering grey hair and maintaining your colour over time. Permanent hair colours are often administered as a cream that is rubbed into the hair shafts. The molecules of the hair colour blend with your hair’s pigment, giving you longer-lasting colour. Permanent hair dye is low-maintenance and stays on through numerous washes. The length of your hair is already dyed, so you only need to touch up the roots occasionally. If you want to hide your greys without a lot of maintenance, permanent hair colour is your best bet.

If you’re looking for a hair colour that also helps nourish your mane, consider the Garnier Black Naturals line. The natural-looking, silky results of this enhanced crème hair colour cannot be beat. This ammonia-free hair dye contains almond oil and black tea extracts to make your hair 5 times softer, smoother, and more lustrous. There are a total of three different black tones to choose from when purchasing this dye.

Hair-Coloring Shampoo

If you’ve a man looking for a great hair colour look in a hurry, a shampoo colour is your best bet. Shampoos with built-in dyes make it simple to achieve a subtle change in hair colour. This kind of hair dye may be applied quickly because it doesn’t need to mature. This hair colour lasts about as long as semi-permanent dyes, which is to say, about six weeks.

The shampoo for men from Garnier, “Men Shampoo Colour,” is made with beneficial ingredients including argan oil and coffee extracts. The ammonia-free composition is user-friendly, so applying the hair dye takes little time and effort. It prevents grey hair from showing and colours your hair beautifully for up to five weeks. You can pick a shade from three different colour families, since this hair dye comes in three different tones: Natural black, burgundy, and black brown.

The Garnier Virtual Try On Tool allows you to preview a hair colour on your computer before making a purchase. This allows you to try on various hair colours in real time to determine which one looks best on you.

Best Hair Colour for Men

1. Blonde Highlights

Are you a novice hair dyer? Partially dying your hair and letting it blend with your natural colour is a great alternative to dying your complete head of hair. The contrast between your blonde hair and their dark hair is startling.

2. Blonde on Mohawk Fade


Blonde hair can be styled in an alternative way. To stand out while still looking like yourself, dye your hair blonde on top and wear a taper fade all the way down.

3. Ash Brown


Ash brown, a brownish-gray colour, is a popular choice for Filipino women’s hair. Ash brown is a transitional shade between light brown and medium brown, making it a good choice for those curious in trying out the medium brown hair colour family. It’s equally at home with a polished comb over or a carefree textured do.

4. Burgundy


This colour will give your hair a fiery accent without overwhelming your style. To get the most out of the shade, try wearing it on hair that is medium length or pairing it with a curtain hairdo.

5. Light Ash Gray

This stylish hair colour for guys will give you a cool, urban look. If you want to make a statement with your black hair, try a shade of light ash grey. It’s a great way to seem cool and young if your hair is unkempt or textured.

6. Medium Ash Gray Hair


This shade of grey is great for males since it highlights hair texture. It’s also a great complement to a shaved-sides, long-top hairstyle.

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