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Top 33 Golden Brown Hair Color Ideas

Any woman, regardless of skin tone, would look stunning with hair of any length and any shade of golden brown. Colors like copper, caramel, and lighter tones in this eye-popping shade range make your hair shine and look beautiful.

As a result, you won’t need to worry about your hair becoming out of style because golden brown locks are ideal for any season. You can get a new full-head brown color that appears natural and is very easy to maintain, or you can get fascinating highlights that emphasize your mane.

Golden Brown Hair Color Ideas

Here are some of the best golden brown hairstyles if you like a natural look that won’t get boring and will help you maintain brilliantly toned locks.

1. Layered Side Bangs

This golden brown shade looks best on warm brown complexion tones. A layered fringe and cut will complement your strong cheekbones.

Wear your bangs swept to the side and your long hair down.

2. Caramel Creamy Ombre

Peach-skinned women will glow in this caramel-creamy style. Layer your hair and part it to the side.

Create beachy waves with a straightening iron or curling wand and opt for a golden ombre.

3. Wavy Side Part


If you want thicker, fuller hair, a blunt cut is the way to go. Create dimension and loose waves in your hair with a rotative brush.

You can also wear your hair in a side part and sweep your bangs to the side and behind your head.

4. Short Bob

A short bob with a side part and an ombre of golden brown is a beautiful style. The color is warm and will complement your green eyes beautifully.

Backwards bangs exposing your back in true Paradise Parts fashion.

5. Rich Curls With Highlights

The essentials for a successful, voluminous, and stylish hairdo are all there in these gorgeous curls. The brown hue is complemented by golden highlights that show off the curls to perfection.

Those coils are a good length, and they appear to be taut, well-nourished, and healthy. They achieve their beautifully spherical form by a remarkable process of layering.

6. Gold Pigtails

Women who are going for a carefree, playful vibe will love pigtails. Covering your forehead with bangs is a must if you have a wide one.

Make sure your hair is straight before you put it in those two ponytails and use those tiny, black elastics to hold it in place.

7. Golden Brown Hair + Pink Money Pieces


Want to stand out from the crowd with a unique style? Then you should definitely give this rich golden brown shade with coin highlights a shot.

For added volume and texture, when you wave your hair, part it and colour it a light pink color first. If you want your hair dye to last longer, bleach it beforehand.

8. Golden Sombre

Your gorgeous ombre will bring out the best in hazel eyes. Create a center part and wear your long hair in layers and curtain bangs.

Make sure your ombre’s tones and colors are warm and glowing, and use wide, voluminous layers to create a carefree, voluminous look.

9. Long Loose Waves

To add height and fullness to the space above your shoulders, focus your layering efforts higher up.

Curling the ends will give the hair a fuller appearance and add dimension.

10. Messy Top Bun


There are many ways to highlight your face, but the strongest way is to accentuate your face.

Pick a deep copper shade, pin your hair up in a bun, twist it, and secure it.

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