The Top Global Hair Colour Trends Of The Year

There’s a sudden need to make changes when the new year begins. While some people are joyfully beginning new habits (for a few weeks, at least), January is also an excellent time to schedule a visit to the barber. It’s time to give in to the want for a fresh look, and a stylish new hair color is a great place to start. In 2023, we anticipate a widespread preference for muted tones that make a bold statement without requiring a lot of upkeep. This means extra-attractive, low-maintenance hues.

These hair color trends, ranging from platinum blonde to metallic brown, fiery red to warm ash, will keep you inspired for your Pinterest boards and salon visits all year long. You may pick up a few different tones to wear throughout the year. Choose a new shade of hair dye to welcome 2023.


Think of a cupcake topped with a beautiful swirl of vanilla icing. It’s a sweet fantasy fit for a scrumptious blonde like Anya Taylor-Joy. “Buttercream blonde tends to trend in the cooler months because it’s a nice transition tone from the bleached-out blonde highlights of summer,” explains Richards. “It’s the palest gold there is, with just the right amount of warmth and depth to flatter pale skin in the winter.”

Because of how quickly this hue may turn brassy, Richards suggests visiting your hairdresser every few weeks to get the tone refreshed.

Strawberry Blonde

This is not a Strawberry Shortcake shade; rather, it belongs to her hipper, more contemporary little sister. Strawberry blonde, the 2023 hair color trend, is a honey-toned copper blonde that is “a great way to fade out those reds from winter and start lightening the hair for spring and summer,” according to stylist Shelley Gregory of Las Vegas. Gregory suggests requesting a level seven or lighter golden copper. If you want your hair to have a slightly pinker colour, like Sydney Sweeney’s, add some very subtle red highlights. The dye washes out somewhat rapidly, but it should return to its natural blonde state once it does (after all, Strawberry Shortcake’s sister probably doesn’t have time for weekly salon visits).

Brownish Mushrooms

A light brown with ashy, portobello undertones, situated between caramel blonde and dark chocolate brunette. For people with warm undertones in their skin, like Amelie Zilber above, Richards suggests trying this trendy mushroom brown. “Ashy tones like this tend to be more popular in the winter because the sun isn’t constantly oxidizing deposited color,” he explains. “If you have naturally cooler skin tones, the ashy tone will have the opposite effect on your cheeks, making you feel like you need to wear more makeup to counteract it.” If it sounds like you, try a light brown shade with ashy blonde highlights and a gloss or toner to seal the deal.

 Cherry Cola

Like its namesake, cherry cola hair is a bit cheeky, a touch sweet, and incredibly refreshing. For warm or dark complexion tones, Richards suggests Maya Rudolph’s reddish brunette. A cherry cola pop can be achieved with deep red highlights on chocolate brown hair. If you’re going for a more understated style, try a single-process dark auburn instead.

Violet Brunette

If you’re the type to spike your cherry cola with a shot of rum and a dash of lilac bitters — this life-of-the-party violet brown seen on Yola is for you. “The eggplant hue added to brown hair is a great way for brunettes to wake up their hair color without turning into a true redhead,” says San Diego-based colorist Shvonne Perkins. “You’ll want to ask for a deep violet, amethyst overtone as a demi- or semi-permanent gloss or glaze over dark brown hair.” Perkins also recommends toning the hair every four weeks as the purple starts to fade.

Peachy Rose Gold

Plain old rose gold is so 2022 — this year we’re upping the ante to its peachier gold cousin, Natasha Lyonne-style. “This hair color shifts the copper color we’ve been seeing everywhere to a more pastel copper,” says Perkins, who recommends it for warm complexions and blonde or light brown hair (lightening darker hair to properly give it this punch of peachy pink is doable, but it’s not great for your strands in the long term). “This is also a color that fades easily, so incorporate UV-filtered products and a monthly gloss to keep the color fresh and even

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