The Best 15 Easy Mehndi Design For Festivals And Weddings

Mehndi, often known as henna, is widely regarded as a highly auspicious part of many Indian celebrations. In the context of wedding celebrations, it plays a significant role. Two days before the wedding, the bride has henna painted on her hands and feet. Then, everyone waits breathlessly to see how deep a stain the henna paste will leave on her skin. The older the phrase, the greater devotion the man has to his bride-to-be. The henna on the groom should be just as elaborate. Many people believe this to be true even now.

The mehndi ceremony at Hindu weddings typically lasts all day. That’s how significant henna is in the culture. However, the practice of applying mehndi is not limited to Hindu weddings; it is also a significant part of Muslim wedding ceremonies. Even in their culture, the mehndi ceremony is celebrated on its own special day.

Henna has been used for generations because of its reputation for bringing happiness, success, and safety. In addition to its traditional uses, henna also has scientifically supported advantages. Mehndi is said to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s the perfect antidote to the heat and tension of wedding planning. Its curative properties ensure they stay healthy and free from stress, headaches, and other common complaints. Isn’t it mind boggling?

Dry climates are ideal for cultivating henna. The leaves are ground into a powder at this point. Black tea, water, eucalyptus oil, and lemon juice are then added, and the mixture is poured into plastic cones. These are applied on the hands and feet to make intricate designs.

Which type of mehndi design is best?

  • Arabic Mehndi Design. Arabic mehndi design is one of the most popular and preferred designs
  • Indian Mehndi Design
  • Moroccan Mehndi Design
  • Indo Arabic Mehndi Design
  • Khafif Mehndi Design
  • Bridal Mehndi Design
  • Tattoo Mehndi Design
  • Western Mehndi Design

Easy Mehndi Design For Festivals And Weddings

Conventional Floral Arabic Trail

Beautiful mehndi designs inspired by Arabic bel-art will likely never go out of vogue. We really appreciate the delicate brushwork used for the outline and fill. This traditional mehndi pattern is surprisingly easy to create.

 Cascading Flower Power

This stunning mehendi design for the front of the hand begins with a full flower pattern at the base and continues up the hand with floral motifs of varying sizes. Take note of the side flower bel art drawing that adds the finishing touch of elegance to an otherwise magnificent composition.

 Playing with the new age elements


A minimalist mehndi pattern for the current day, with new-age mehndi motifs like falling pinjaras and fingertip designs. The notable gaps in the layout’s center only serve to further emphasize how contemporary it is.

 Peacocks & Flowers

The contrast between the bold strokes of the outline and the delicate ones of the fill is quite pleasing to the eye. We couldn’t help but take notice of this pattern because of how unusual it was as a whole. The unique nail patterns are a stunning addition to this otherwise straightforward mehndi design.

 So damn pretty!


To the untrained eye, this would appear to be the antithesis of a straightforward mehndi pattern. Both sets of hand and finger motifs are roomy and comparable in design. Such beautiful simplicity just begs to be crushed.

This is a riveting one!


This stunning mehndi design is worthy of salivating over since it retains the allure of both bharwa and minimalism with its use of lotus flowers, symmetrical layout, and obvious blank space.

 Floral heaven!


We think this one might be the best yet. Ideal for the happy couple, their invited guests, and young children. You should be good at sketching contours before attempting this one. Once you have that nailed down, the rest is just filling in the blanks.

Not so simple!


Okay, fine, we’ll own up to it. Despite first appearances, this is not a straightforward mehndi pattern. This pattern is too complex for a beginner to create. However, it’s not hard at all and requires far less effort. That’s why it’s easy to understand. (Guilty, innocent!)

Arresting One!


With bold outlines and catchy fillings, we absolutely adore this simple mehndi design decorated on just the palm of the hand!

Embracing the New Age Trend – Jhumka Motifs


Mehndi designs featuring jhumka patterns are all the rage right now. They are also quite simple to organize. Take a look at this one-of-a-kind henna design that’s spreading its allure by using solely these futuristic elements.

Simply amazing!


These thick and thin strokes work so well together in this simple mehndi pattern. But that’s part of its charm.

 Uniquely Patterned


Make a tiny leftward adjustment to your circular mandala to make a one-of-a-kind, stylish, and sophisticated pattern. This mehndi design is especially eye-catching because of the imaginative filling used in it.



Here’s something that fans of minimalist mehndi designs are sure to adore. You’ll get some strange looks if you request a minimalist mehndi design for a wedding. These roomy, half-handle styles are perfect for you and your picky relatives, nevertheless.

 Just On One Side


That henna is incredibly detailed. As a simple mehndi design, it deftly covers the hand’s lower half while leaving the palm unadorned. You can always add a tiny pattern on the finger adjacent to the thumb if you feel like it’s missing anything. It will make it look like you have a full mehndi design on, while still keeping the design’s essential simplicity.

 Step-by-step Simple Mehndi Design


When faced with a complex mehndi pattern, it can be hard to know where to begin. This guide will walk you through the process of creating a simple mehndi pattern, step by step.

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