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55 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2023

Even if you’re not a wine expert, you can still appreciate the rich hue of a fine red wine (not to mention its delicious taste). And what better way to express your gratitude than by dying your hair a deep, regal burgundy?

Burgundy hair is a terrific choice for those who want to add depth to their hair and that unique “je ne sais quoi” to their style. Both blondes and brunettes who want to make a bold statement with their hair color might benefit from this style.

Burgundy hair is a versatile hue with many tones to choose from. The base color is a reddish brown. Like red wine, burgundy comes in a variety of hues, from deep, intense purple to lighter shades of red like maroon or burgundy brown.

WHAT BURGUNDY SHADE Is Best for Your Skin Tone?

With all its shades, burgundy can be worn by people of all complexions. A burgundy with a more violet undertone will look good on people with cooler complexions, while burgundies with a redder or browner undertone would look better on those with warmer skin tones.


Care and maintenance are necessary to keep burgundy hair at its most beautiful. Recommend a hair care routine designed for colored hair, like Wella Professionals’ Invigo Color Brilliance line, which helps maintain color for up to 7 weeks, or Wella Professionals’ Color Motion+ line, which helps maintain color while fortifying the hair. In between color appointments, you might suggest a glossing treatment to maintain the hair’s radiance and shine. Learn more about taking care of colored hair to pass along to your customers.

. Use Blondor Free lights to highlight your locks after starting with a dark burgundy base. After bleaching, tone the hair with a combination of pure, brilliant colours from Colour Fresh Create, such as High Magenta, Pure Violet, and Next Red. Now all that’s left to do is post your newfound Instagram-worthy style!


Paolo’s preferred Wella reds are blended with a burgundy base to create a bold and spirited style. A customer who really wants to stand out from the crowd might benefit greatly from this. To lighten a dark base, we recommend our Koleston Perfect permanent hair colour and the foiling technique, which combines finer and larger weaves. Koleston Perfect is the best option because it has the brightest reds available. We propose the following ratio: 55/66 KP + 66/46.


This illuminage look by Kai Sohn Opens in a new tab is one of our favourites because it showcases the passion and creativity of our Passionistas. He painted the burgundy brown base first, then added the formula-based highlights:

1) ColorTouch 4/5+1,9% (1:2)

2) ColorTouch 77/45+1,9% (1:2)

3) Color Fresh Create Next Red

Hair should be styled in loose, beachy waves to highlight the range of colours. If you want your waves to last until the end of the party, use EIMI Perfect Setting as a base to generate volume, and then finish with EIMI Stay Firm.


Try Felicia Tisaj Svensson Opens in a new tab’s vibrant, glossy burgundy balayage to liven up your brunette locks. She began with a natural level 4 darkness, and after free lightening and toning using Koleston Perfect and Welloxon, she achieved a level 6 brightness.

Formula used:

Roots: 4/0 + 44/44 + 1,9 % Pastel (1:2)

Lengths: 55/44 + 1,9 % Pastel (1:2)


conveys the spirit of The Little Mermaid. She began with a base of Koleston Perfect to achieve a rich, dark red, before adding a balayage with Magma’s brightest red and finishing with a gloss. Use EIMI Flowing Form to get silky smooth hair, then seal it with Glam Mist gloss spray to prevent dryness.

Formula used:

Base: Koleston Perfect 44/65 + 55/46 + 7/18 + 6%

Balayage: Magma /17+ /44 + /00 + 9%

Gloss: 5/66 + 0/00 +

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