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50 Gorgeous Brown Hair Color Shades for Hot Brunette Looks

Although there is a rainbow of hair colors from which to choose (dark brown to platinum blonde to rose gold), nothing beats the timeless elegance of a medium brown shade.

How, therefore, does one go about picking the best medium brown for their skin tone? According to famous colorist Nikki Lee, “I would first decide if you need to be warm or cool brown depending on what’s going to look best on your skin tone.” We sought out Lee and stylist Millie Morales for their knowledge of the business and advice on making the transition to brown hair.

Gorgeous Brown Hair Color Shades for Hot Brunette Looks

Dark Brown With Highlights

Iconic Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s dark hair is parted to one side and falls in undulating waves below his shoulder. This layered cut has gorgeous texture and subtly voluminous layers that bring off her highlights.

If you want to emulate Chopra Jonas’s makeup look, you need first find a color that complements your eyes and skin tone. Look in the mirror and see what color your eyes and skin are. Choose a color that will make your eyes pop and your skin tone look more even, as Morales advises.

Golden-Brown Balayage

Issa Rae’s curls are very bouncy and shiny in this photo. Her naturally dark hair color flaunts a summertime balayage of golden brown.

If you want your hairdresser to get the color just right, it’s best to go in with your hair in its regular style. A hand-painted approach is fantastic if the client prefers to wear their hair in its natural, curly state, explains Morales. By employing this method, you can draw attention to the curls that are most important to achieving a subtle style.

Warm Balayage Mix

Jamie Chung is a hair color chameleon; no matter what she wears, her hair looks beautiful. However, we think she especially shines with this warm balayage blend. Lee explains that the universal appeal of medium brown is due to the fact that it works well with any skin tone. To choose between cold and warm tones, you must first identify your undertones.

Caramel Bronde

Cleo Wade’s beautiful curls have always been a point of admiration for us. Her hair is a medium brown colour, and it has a wonderful caramel bronde highlight that really makes her stand out.

The colour isn’t “the most high maintenance colour,” as Lee puts it. You can go longer between touchups than with simple highlights, but only slightly.


Since day one, Lily Aldridge has been our go-to brunette hair icon. Here, her dark chocolate hair is highlighted at the ends with a few lighter strands.

Flaxen Blonde Highlights

Honey blonde is Beyoncé’s go-to hair colour, however she also wears medium brown and flaxen blonde from time to time. She changed up her look for the 2016 Met Ball by going for a more dramatic, straighter, and darker look with golden highlights.

Medium Brown

Ashley Graham’s thick, glossy brown hair makes us regret the many botched attempts at hair colouring we’ve made in the past. Here, she has a medium hair colour with a side part and gentle wave.

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