The Best 50 Boys Mehndi Design for Festivals And Weddings

Finding the right boys mehndi design for the groom might be a challenge. You have, in fact, come to the right location. I have collected twenty exquisite mehndi patterns for men, perfect for the wedding day! Grooms no longer apply mehndi during weddings as a sign of shagun alone. Today’s grooms aren’t afraid to show their affection for the women in their lives by getting henna tattoos.

These guys’ mehndi patterns cover the gamut from classic and understated to cutting-edge and daring. Choose a groom mehndi design that reflects your sense of style and personality, then share it with your mehndi artist. If you like to see more pictures of groom mehndi designs, then let us know in the comments!

Boys Mehndi Design for Festivals And Weddings

Minimal boys mehndi design for the no-fuss groom

Simple yet stunning, this mehndi design for men is perfect. It’s minimalist, straightforward, and features the bride’s initials. How endearing!

 Mehndi design for the quirky groom

This groom mehndi design is perfect for young men who can’t get enough of their favourite cartoon heroes. Choose a picture of your favourite character, then have your mehndi artist make it into a design.

Mehndi design inspiration for the symmetry-loving groom

Geometry, the study of straight lines and symmetric curves, etc. All you future husbands out there who value symmetry and beauty, this boy’s mehndi design is for you!

 Intricate boys mehndi design for fingers


Not interested in getting covered in henna? But you don’t want to use boring templates, do you? If you’re a minimalist groom looking for a hatke mehndi design, look no further than this beauty.

Men’s mehndi design with single band and geometric motifs


Sometimes all it takes is a thin line of henna across the palm to make a difference. To finish things off, throw in some geometric shapes.

 A stunning backhand boy mehndi design


This lovely abstract henna design on the backhand is something you should choose if you’re open to trying something different.

Intricate groom mehndi design with Ganesha portrait


I don’t know what else to tell you, but this is unquestionably one of the coolest boys mehndi patterns you’ve ever seen. The curves are intricate without being fussy, and the image of Lord Ganesha makes this a great accessory for the groom to wear on his wedding day.

  Boy’s mehndi design with Aztec motifs for backhand


Though Aztec-inspired mehndi patterns have only recently become popular among brides, grooms aren’t passing up the opportunity to get in on the trend. If you, like me, are a fan of Aztec designs, then consider getting this boys mehndi design on your palm or back of your hand.

The all-out groom mehndi design


This entire hand and forearm groom mehndi design is for you if you’re not the kind to follow the rules. The striking resemblance to tattoo sleeves further adds to the novelty of the design.

The classic groom’s mehndi design with mandala motif

Last but not least, you can always go with a basic groom mehndi design including the traditional mandala motif on your palm.

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