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29 Blue Hair Color Ideas for Daring Women

Hair dye is not a recent fad. Both sexes have been using hair dye for some time now. The outfit and color palette have evolved. However, the trend toward hair color has not slackened. Hair color experimentation has always been a popular style.

Blue is one of the most sought-after hues for hair, however, there are many others to choose from. Blue hair dye is just one of several unconventional hair colors that have been popular in recent years, and not just among celebrities. Knowing the proper method for dying hair blue is essential. After the dye has been applied, your blue hair will require special attention.

How to Do Blue Hair Color


If you want your blue hair to last, it’s best to wait at least three months after your last chemical treatment before dying it.

A high-quality blue hair dye that provides long-lasting results with minimal harm is essential.

If you’re dying your hair blue at home, you’ll need to separate off your hair and apply the dye mixture in little amounts.

After the necessary areas of hair have been colored, a shower cap should be worn for at least 45 minutes to allow the color to set.

When the allotted time is up, you should wash and condition the hair.

How to Care The Blue Hair

Two days after coloring, the hair should be washed. After that, you should only wash your hair once every other day or so.
Blue hair requires high-quality hair dye. High-quality hair care products are essential for preserving the dye job.
To prolong the life of dyed hair, you should only wash your hair in cold or lukewarm water.

For blue-colored hair, color-safe shampoo and conditioners must be used as this will help to protect the hair color for longer.

The hair needs to be kept dry in between washes of shampoo.

Here are the top  unique and beautiful Blue Hair Color Ideas for Women

Peek a Boo Blue

As the name says, the peek-a-boo blue is only visible at select strands of the hair. The only reason the highlighted hairs are kept up is because of the cut. Straight hair that is styled with waves at the ends.

The blue highlights are subtle and blend in well with the rest of the hair near the ends. The hair color looks best on abundant hair.

Denim Blue Streaks

If you’re a woman who wants to try out midnight blue hair but doesn’t want it to be too dark, highlight your hair with denim blue streaks. Adding a splash of royal blue will complete the look. However, this look requires a lot of upkeep.

Platinum Blonde to Deep Navy

Hair with a lot of volume and fine texture works best for the platinum blonde to deep navy hair color. This style is unlike any other. When dyed blonde, the dark navy pigments in the hair become more visible.

In order to emphasize the two tones, long hair must be kept in good condition. The top layer of hair continues to be blonde. The only part of the hair that’s dyed navy is the tips. The effect is sophisticated yet edgy and cool.

Seafoam Dream

The seafoam dream hair color is another pastel option that works well with both business and informal attire. The hair is done well to complement the hue. There are waves fashioned into the fine hair.

A few wisps of wavy hair have been dyed with pale blue tones, and they blend in beautifully with the blonde hair. The blue color is concentrated primarily at the tips of the hair.

Long Pale Blue

The long pale blue hair color is one such unusual tint that may suit practically every hairdo. To fully appreciate the hair color, the hair must be long. It is made wavy so that the colours are made to look prominent on the haircut.

A few strands of a very faint blue stand out among the milder tones. A few strands have been dyed in contrasting dark and light tones, making for an overall bright hue.



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