The Best 150 Bangle Mehndi Design For Festivals And Weddings

At Bling Sparkle, we are big lovers of henna art and enjoy trying out new, creative patterns for parties and celebrations. Jewlery mehndi patterns are the newest fashion to attract our eye. These mehndi patterns are reminiscent of traditional ethnic jewelry such as hathphool, finger rings, bracelets, anklets, and bangles, and they provide the impression that the wearer is adorning her hands and feet with jewels.

The temporary tattoo art of henna mehndi carries significant cultural weight in South Asia. This attractive technique involves painting the hands in various colors of reddish brown.

This post features a variety of bangle-inspired mehndi patterns that can be worn with both western and ethnic attire, making them a versatile option for any event. Some bangle henna designs are light and limited to the wrist area, while others are more elaborate and cover the entire hand or even the entire arm.

Latest Bangle style mehndi designs for hands

While versions on the bangle henna pattern have been popular for quite some time, the jewelry-inspired mehndi fad has only recently emerged with a rage. More intricate detail is placed on the wrists, creating the impression of a kangan or kada, in these kangan mehndi patterns.

The rest of the design is up to the wearer’s discretion and can be kept basic or complex. If you haven’t tried a henna design on your hands in the shape of a bracelet before, now is the time to do so. Here are some of the most beautiful designs you can consider for beautifying your hands, ranging in complexity from simple to complex. Just look down here. (Use the zoom function to view photographs at higher resolution.)

Shaded delight: Bracelet style mehndi design with round mandala on hands

This modern spin on the traditional mandala mehndi pattern is the epitome of sophistication. The conical bands on the fingers and the exquisite leafy pattern at the wrist remind me of a bracelet or a single kada, and the shading is achieved with thick strokes. This style works well for events with a lower profile, such as gatherings with friends.

 Wrist madness: Bangle wrist henna mehndi pattern with single finger tattooed



To create visual harmony, the hands and fingers are left bare while the wrists are covered in many thick ornamental bands. The bangle sets (a dozen bangles in each hand) used by Indian women during festivals and weddings inspired this mehndi design. Wear a kurti or dress with half-length sleeves to let the henna pattern to stand out and be applied with ease using a thick cut cone.

Rose rain: Simple floral and bangle mehndi designs for beginners

This stunning rose mehndi pattern is easy enough for beginners to try out, despite its complex appearance due to its branching out from above and below a henna band. Two of the fingers are covered with roses, and the other three have bands that look like midi rings. This pattern works as well on the palms of the hands or the backs.

Lotus Charm: Arabic bangle mehndi designs

This henna design features a Kangan-style broad floral band that spans the wrist and a side with shaded lotuses, which are very on-trend this year. The diagonal positioning of the motif makes the hands appear bigger and more covered than they actually are. If you or your sister are getting engaged, you might want to try out this design on your back hands.

Elegant class:  Lace glove-inspired henna


Henna designs that mimic the intricate pattern of a lace glove are also highly trendy right now. Here, many blooms are arranged in two bands, with the help of a netted design. Incredible beauty is achieved by adding floral netting and swirl designs to the fingertips.
These mehndi patterns are a perfect complement to western, ethnic, and indo-western fusion outfits.

 Lotus bands mehndi design with parrot motifs

It is crucial to choose a unique and creative design that gives a bridal appeal if you are a bride who does not want a full hand mehendi design for her Big day. Although this lotus bangle mehndi design with its conflicting motifs of parrots, swings, Matías, and girl figures may seem chaotic at first glance, it actually looks rather lovely on the hands and is a welcome departure from the norm.

You may make this bridal henna design your own by swapping out the parrot for your preferred bird and the swing with a baraat figure. You can also use this design for a roka or engagement, but you should discuss it with your mehendi artist in advance because personalizing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and the prices tend to be more expensive.

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